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Adopt A Grandparent

A National Movement is happening among balloon artists to "Adopt A Grandparent," And when Miss J heard, she knew she had to get involved!

Miss J is partnering with local nursing homes to send Balloon Buddies to each resident! But she can't do it alone! Miss J needs her community to support her in this goal and "adopt" a resident to send a balloon to! 

The goal is to find sponsors for every resident of the facility we are currently partnered with and once the sponsorship goal is met, then Miss J will create the balloons by hand and deliver to the care team who will be able to distribute these fun gifts to residents!

Our seniors have been more isolated than ever these past ten months due to Covid-19. Without family or volunteers to visit them, they are feeling lonely and forgotten by their community. Let's tell them how much we care and share some smiles!


You can see Miss J's Balloon Buddy is a smiling fellow with a fun heart in his hands! 
When you see him, you just want to hug and squeeze him! (It's true! Miss J has heard children and seniors alike ask, "Can I hug him!?")

Balloon Buddies are $20 each or 6 / $100.
Each Buddy comes with a small note attached letting the "Grandparent" know their community cares! 

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