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Magic & Balloons Doorstep Visits

When you can't leave your house, then let Miss J come to you!
Miss J's Doorstep Visits bring a magic and balloon show right to your front steps!

A Doorstep Visit from Miss J includes a fun magic and balloon show lasting approximately 20 minutes and a special treat cup for the guest of honor!

Miss J manages to create an interactive show experience while maintaining social distancing procedures by following a few simple steps! 

When you book a show you choose a date and a two hour time window for it to happen during. On the day of the your show, Miss J will text you when she is 30 minutes away. Upon arriving, Miss J texts again and confirms her set up area. When everything is set-up and ready, you will hear a special knock and find Miss J outside inviting you and your little ones to come out and have some fun! Miss J stays at her set up in your front yard or front driveway, while you stay on your front steps or porch! There will be balloons made during the show. Miss J places each balloon, along with your special treat cup, inside a bag to stay safe and for you to pick up after Miss J departs! 

How Does It Work?

Penguin Balloon Miss J's Candy Cup

Magic & Balloons
Doorstep Visit

Multiple Balloon Animals
Custom Balloon topping a Treat Cup full of candy and prizes!
ALL at your front door!

Perfect for Ages 3-8
Approximately 20 minutes
*Travel fees may apply 
Miss J Kids Magic Portland
Unicorn Miss J's Famous Candy Cup

You and your little ones get to enjoy live entertainment while not having to leave your doorstep!

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