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Balloon Yard Art &
No Contact Balloon Deliveries

Balloon Yard Art is popping up all over Portland!
Miss J's balloon deliveries & yard art will help you celebrate special holidays, events, and anniversaries all while social distancing!

Miss J Can Help You Celebrate!

With our "contact-free" deliveries you can create a memorable and unique surprise for any occasion! Miss J's Balloon Yard Art will delight your friends and family while cheering up everyone who passes by!


Balloon Deliveries

There are three different types of balloons Miss J delivers right to you!

Balloon Treat Cups

Miss J's special balloon treat cups are clear 16 oz cups that are crammed full of prizes (such as finger flings, bracelets, stickers, & tattoos) and candy (such as Smarties & DumDums!)! Then each cup is topped with a fun balloon design specially made to fit your occasion!

Balloon Grab Bags

Balloon Grab Bags are a ton of fun to surprise kiddos with! A large bag stuffed full of different balloon animals will be left at your front door! Bags have 20 different balloon designs inside! Balloons vary from animals, swords, popular characters, wearable balloons, and more! 

Custom Balloon Requests

Custom balloon requests include table top pieces and specialty creations uniquely requested for an occasion! 

Did you fall in love with a balloon you saw on Pinterest? This is what Custom Balloon Requests are for! Custom balloons are unique and are priced individually based on the materials and time involved.

Starting at $20
Cup full of candy and small prizes
Custom Balloon on top of the cup's lid
Delivery fees apply for orders under $50.
Upgrades include:
Extra large Balloon on top
Magic Trick inside Cup
Balloon Treat Cups
Penguin Balloon Miss J's Candy Cup
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